Me Xiang Xiao


Me Xiang Xiao


Me Xiang Xiao


Me Xiang Xiao joined Fiset Légal team in 2020 after starting her career in a multidisciplinary law firm. Led by perspicacity and ambition, Me Xiao relies on thoroughness and professionalism to identify and respond to the needs of our clients.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) and a certificate in international relations from University of Sherbrooke, Me Xiao is currently pursuing her studies at HEC Montreal. She believes that expanding her knowledge brings an invaluable asset and a different perspective in the process of tailoring the best solutions for our clients.

Me Xiao is driven by a strong sense of implication. During her academic cursus, she dedicated herself in several legal clinics. Since the beginning of her career, Me Xiao is also involved in the legal community through the Young Bar of Montreal. Her commitments, her listening skills and her analytical and pragmatical abilities shown in her legal cases are major assets for our clients.

Me Xiao dedicates herself in the field of civil litigation, particularly through mandates in real estate and construction law. She notably represents syndicates of co-ownership as well as owners in front of different judicial authorities. She assists and represents her clients before the Court of Quebec, the Superior Court, the Rental Boards and before arbitration tribunals.

Mr. Xiao is fluent in French, English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


FISET LÉGAL inc. est un cabinet d’avocats situé à Montréal et spécialisé en droit immobilier et en litige commercial. Nous sommes plus particulièrement actifs en droit de la copropriété et en droit de la construction.

Nous représentons un grand nombre de syndicats de copropriété et de copropriétaires situés sur l’île de Montréal et ses environs. Nous fournissons aussi des conseils juridiques récurrents à nos clients et à leurs gestionnaires dans le cadre de leurs mandats dans les domaines du droit immobilier, du droit de la copropriété et du litige commercial.

Notre cabinet est capable d’intervenir tant le cadre des dossiers d’envergure que dans des dossiers plus simples. Nous adaptons les solutions offertes et nos services à chaque cas.


  1175 Bernard Ouest, Bureau 301
Outremont, QC H2V 1V5



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