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At Fiset Legal inc. we believe that the resolution of many conflicts in Condominium Law requires the understanding of rights, duties and responsibilities of both the syndicate of co-owners, its board members, and the co-owners.

To this end, we offer a 3 hours introductory training in Condominium Law at a fixed and affordable rate. This training is tailored for any stakeholder in the co-ownership, and more particularly to managers, directors, and owners who wish to know more about the operation and the management of a syndicate of co-owners. This training is interactive and is designed in order to allow everyone to ask specific questions for further considerations and understanding.


Our training constitutes an opportunity for any manager or syndicate of co-ownership board member in order to validate his management and administration of the condominium, in accordance with the law.

Some of the topics that can be discussed during the training :

Definition of a fraction of co-owner

Rights and duties of a syndicate of co-owners

Public order and condominiums

Establishment of relative values of fractions

Determining what constitutes a common portion versus common portion for restricted use versus a private portion

Read and understand the declaration of co-ownership and cadastral plan

Rental in Condominiums

Animals in Condominiums

Work and repairs in Condominiums

Calculation of special majorities

Modifying the declaration of co-ownership

Dealing with the unpaid Common Expenses

Operating the contingency fund

Syndicate’s Register

Defects and Damages in Condominium : who is responsible for what?

Condominium Insurance

Conduct of meetings

Management of conflicts between co-owners



FISET LÉGAL inc. is a law firm located in Montreal and specialized in real estate and in commercial litigation. We are especially active in Condominium Law and in Construction Law.

We represent many syndicates of co-ownership and many co-owners located in Montreal and its surroundings. We provide legal advising to our clients and their property managers in the fields of Real Estate Law, Condominium Law and Commercial Litigation.

Our Law firm is able to intervene in complex files as well as in simpler files. We adapt the solutions offered and our services depending on the nature and complexity of the case.


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