Notary in co-ownership

Notary in co-ownership

Faced with the complexity of co-ownership in Montreal and its surroundings, the use of a specialized notary is essential. Fiset Légal positions itself as your privileged partnerlaw firm experts in real estate law in Montreal. Over the years, we have been able to combine in-depth legal expertise and an in-depth understanding of the specific environment of co-ownership.

The diversity of situations encountered, whether it involves the creation of co-ownership, the management of disputes, or the drafting of contracts, requires tailor-made assistance, attentive to your particular needs. Trust Fiset Légal, it means ensuring professional support thanks to our notaries with specialized practice in condominium law who will do everything possible to protect your interests.

Notary services specialized in co-ownership

At Fiset Légal, we provide you with a range of notary services dedicated to co-ownership. Whether you are a co-owner or aspiring to become one, our expertise is your asset for an informed management of your interests in terms of co-ownership.

When you invest in a rental property within a co-ownership, it is essential to understand all the specific rules to be respected for effective management of your property. For that, notary law plays a crucial role in this process.

Your notary will make your purchase hassle-free! With a solid declaration of co-ownership, each co-owner can understand their obligations and rights:

  • Rights and obligations of the co-owner;
  • Rights and obligations of the union;
  • Applicable building regulations. 

The last point means that each co-owner has specific rights over their lot. However, the declaration of co-ownership may provide specific provisions concerning these rights.

The declaration of co-ownership also clarifies: 

  1. common charges
  2. the qualification of the various parts of the co-ownership
  3. other obligations incumbent on you

Expert drafting and review of co-ownership regulations

We take care of the drafting and revision of your regulations and your declaration of co-ownership. These crucial documents, which establish the right of ownership, allow the proper functioning of your divided co-ownership building. Our meticulous approach ensures optimal management of each fraction of co-ownership under the protected right.


Strategic advice on management and co-ownership disputes

In the world of co-ownership, the obligations of co-owners are often a subject of contention. Each co-owner has specific rights and obligations. A notary with specialized practice in divided co-ownership can help you see things more clearly. For example, the co-owners must appoint one or more administrators whose objective is to ensure the conservation of the building, the maintenance and administration of the common areas, as well as the administration of the common areas.

Dedicated support for your co-ownership real estate project

With Fiset Légal, benefit from tailor-made support for your co-ownership project. Whether it is buying, selling, sharing or dispute management, we are here to help you navigate legal complexities with peace of mind.

If you are considering buying or selling a fraction of co-ownership, it is crucial to understand the joint ownership agreement or the declaration of co-ownership relating to the co-ownership building. This is why you should contact a specialized notary before signing a promise to purchase.

We ensure that your co-ownership building complies with the rules and that each fraction of co-ownership is well managed. Our objective: a hassle-free purchase for you, the savvy buyer.


Benefit from specialized expertise and unparalleled experience

Thanks to our experience and specialization in co-ownership, we work to offer you unrivaled expertise, each client benefits from personalized support, the administration of tailor-made legal advice and legal opinions. Our expert notaries offer you valuable strategic advice to avoid unpleasant surprises. In particular, we process:

  • undivided co-ownership
  • load distribution
  • board of directors
  • maintenance of common areas
  • dispute resolution

Book a consultation to assess your co-ownership notary needs

At Fiset Légal, our notaries specializing in co-ownership are at your disposal to schedule an appointment and evaluate your co-ownership needs in Montreal and its surroundings. From purchase to dissolution of co-ownership, we offer you a service adapted to your requirements.


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    The advantages of opting for Fiset Légal

    Fiset Légal, in its capacity as notary specializing in co-ownership, offers quality notary services in matters of co-ownership.

    Whether it is the drafting a declaration of co-ownership, dispute management, or strategic advice, We are here for you.

    The expertise of our team of notaries specializing in co-ownership are your allies for a peaceful and well-managed co-ownership experience.


    What is the role of a notary in co-ownership?

    The role of a co-ownership notary consists of advising and assisting co-owners on legal issues related to co-ownership, such as interpretation of the declaration of co-ownership, and how to effectively manage a fraction of co-ownership.

    How can a notary help to understand co-ownership fees and common charges?

    The drafting of the declaration of co-ownership by a notary involves the establishment of clear guidelines concerning ownership and use of common and private areas, by guaranteeing that each collateral fraction is correctly defined and protected.

    What strategic advice can a notary specializing in co-ownership give to avoid conflicts?

    A notary specializing in co-ownership can give strategic advice to avoid conflicts, such as setting up clear mechanisms forsharing of expenses and the obligation of the individual which must cover the co-ownership costs.