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Looking for a work provider lawyer in Montreal? Fiset Légal offers its expertise in construction law to defend clients in the event of a dispute.

Our firm works in the field of construction law for more than 12 years. Our lawyers therefore have the knowledge and skills necessary to offer you a first-class defense.

Discover the advantages of choosing our specialized lawyers to help you with your employment contracts and disputes.

Definition of a work provider:
role and responsibility

A work provider by definition is the general contractor or construction company responsible for calls for tenders and the hiring of subcontractors.

Discover the role and responsibilities of the service provider towards the subcontracted parties and their client.


The role of the work provider

The Civil Code of Quebec indicates that the role of the work provider is to:

  • Make sure to pay the contractors to the amount of the remuneration established between the two parties
  • Enable the performance of the agreed service provision
  • Take the necessary measures to protect the safety and health of workers according to the nature of the project to be carried out

The responsibilities of the work provider

Contractors also have many responsibilities to their subcontractors and customers. Here are a few.

  • Provide the information and goods necessary for the performance of the employment contract, except for an agreement between the parties which stipulates otherwise.
  • Ensure that the goods provided meet industry quality standards.
  • If the goods are supplied by the subcontractor, the work provider must handle them with care and ensure their quality. Failure to check these goods if they prove to be unfit for use, makes the entrepreneur the person liable in the event of a defect caused by the use of these goods. The work provider is therefore required to inform the subcontractor in the event that the goods are unusable.
  • If the work has a price higher than the estimate, it is the client's responsibility to justify this increase to the client.
  • Provide regular updates to their clients, such as work progress, services rendered and expenses incurred.
  • Work providers are presumed responsible for the loss of the structure in the following 5 years, if the loss results from a defect in design, construction, execution or the ground.

Why hire a lawyer for a work provider?

Find out why Fiset Légal is the ideal firm to contact if you are looking for a lawyer for a work provider.


Contracts that require the expertise of a lawyer for the work provider

The drafting of subcontracting contracts requires a certain expertise in construction law. Our firm has many professional real estate lawyers as well as commercial litigation lawyers. Our team of professionals knows well the legal jargon and intricacies of drafting a construction contract.

We will therefore help you to draft solid business contracts in order to protect you in the event of a defect for which you are in no way responsible.


The support of a specialized lawyer in the event of complex disputes

Having a lawyer for the client at your side is the best way to protect yourself in the event of a dispute. Thanks to our professional support, you will have access to a quality defence.


Work providers: contact Fiset Légal for your disputes and employment contracts

In addition to our services in construction law, real estate law and commercial litigation, we also offer our services if you need a mediation and arbitration lawyer. Our objective : assert your rights as a construction service provider.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the services offered by our firm. A lawyer for the client will take care of you quickly and will devote the time necessary to answer all your questions.


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