Commercial Litigation Specialized Lawyer in Montreal

Do you need to hire commercial litigation lawyers in Montreal?

When it’s time to protect your commercial and economic interests, time works against you. An unresolved dispute poses a threat to the future development of your trademark and the growth of your business.

Our commercial litigation lawyers in Montreal are well aware of this. We make sure to handle your dispute with all the latitude and flexibility required to find practical solutions and obtain a long-lasting result.

Extensive expertise in various legal disciplines

Our firm of commercial litigation lawyer in Montreal stands out thanks to the variety of solutions offered that are tailored to each situation. We use all our analytical skills to create a strategy that meets your specific goals and objectives. The objective of the strategies that we develop is to solve your legal problems and offer you a personalized solution. Our team will be able to help you thanks to its experience in litigation as well as through the use of alternative conflict resolution methods.

Do you need the expertise of a commercial litigation lawyer?

Enforcing the rights of our customers is our mission. No matter what situation prompts you to seek help from our commercial litigation law firm, we are here for you.

Extensive expertise in various areas of law

Our commercial litigation law firm in Montreal is distinguished by the variety of solutions offered adapted to each situation. We use all of our analytical skills to create a strategy that meets your specific goals and objectives.

The objective of the strategies we develop is to solve your legal problems and provide you with a personalized solution. Our team will be able to help you thanks to its experience in litigation as well as by the use of alternative methods of dispute resolution.


The benefits of partnering with a specialized law firm

Commercial litigation can be complex. Our team of commercial litigation lawyers understands all the intricacies and specificities of the laws in Quebec regarding the business community. We also act on multiple files concerning various types of businesses, including general partnerships and corporations. In particular, we can help you deal with your commercial disputes.


Have a clear look at your business situation thanks to our experts

Collaborating with a lawyer with a practice specializing in commercial litigation is an undeniable asset for business owners and shareholders. Our team of expert lawyers is familiar with the legal structure of companies and all related legal documentation. Our commercial litigation lawyers can simplify legal jargon so that you have a clear view of your business situation.

How to choose the right commercial litigation lawyer?

Choose a commercial litigation lawyer in Montreal that you trust. After all, this professional is responsible for the legal sphere of your business. His professional expertise will allow you to support your business. It is therefore essential to choose a firm that understands your business vision and will be able to assert your rights and responsibilities in commercial litigation.


Learn more about commercial litigation

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a large corporation, to choose the best lawyer, it is also important to know your rights in a commercial dispute situation. What is commercial litigation?

Commercial litigation covers all regulations related to the activities of companies. She covers many areas of law like:


Contact our commercial litigation lawyers

If you want to know more about your rights in a commercial dispute or in real estate law, we are here to help you. A commercial litigation lawyer at Fiset Légal will be happy to answer all your questions. Call us for an initial 40 minute consultation.

The services offered by our commercial litigation law firm in Montreal

Due to their specialized practice in the field of civil and commercial litigation, our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the law and the functioning of legal persons. They are also able to interpret complex contracts. This allows them to act in the context of commercial disputes of various kinds, a non-exhaustive list of which is provided:

  •  Conflicts between shareholders
  • Non-competition clauses
  • Commercial litigation
  • Latent defects and manufacturing defects
  • Asset security defects
  • Sales law
  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability
  • Penalty clauses
  • Mortgage remedies
  • Debt recovery
  • Liability of officers and directors
  • Liability of agent
  • Commercial leases

Our specialized commercial litigation services

When you choose a commercial litigation lawyer from Fiset Légal, here are the services you will have access to.


Interpretation and advice in the context of a dispute between shareholders

Our lawyers are able to finalize a shareholder agreement. Thanks to clear and precise writing, you will fully understand all the legal aspects of the business governing your business corporation.


Analysis and advice surrounding the assessment of a company's risk exposure

Too often, a poorly drafted contract exposes your company's liability. Our lawyers specializing in commercial litigation therefore offer you the professional support you need to protect your business and address a dispute upstream by advising you on the best contractual practices.

Fiset Légal, specialist in commercial litigation

Fiset Légal understands that each file in the field of commercial litigation is unique. This is why we offer tailor-made support to our clients for the processing of their files. From the simplest to the most complex, our firm offers the legal support you need for your commercial disputes.

Unparalleled expertise in commercial litigation

Thanks to our specialized practice in civil and commercial litigation, we have knowledge of the business or service contract and the legal structure of companies. We are therefore able to deal with cases of different natures of the business field, such as:

A tailor-made service

The priority of our firm is to assert your rights. We are therefore at your disposal when you need personalized advice and tailor-made solutions. Our lawyers will make sure to find a strategy that will give you the desired results depending on the costs and the complexity of your case. We have a mediation and arbitration service in the event of commercial disputes.


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    Why consult a commercial litigation lawyer?

    Consulting a commercial litigation lawyer can be useful in many situations, such as resolving conflicts between shareholders, interpreting agreements, drafting legal documents, taking legal action before a competent court or preserving your rights in the event of a lawsuit.

    When to contact a commercial litigation lawyer?

    It is important to call on a commercial litigation lawyer for the drafting of contracts related to your business in order to protect you well. You can also call on a mediation and arbitration service in the event of a conflict. A lawyer is able to advise you in order to navigate delicate situations and find a satisfactory solution for the parties involved.