Me Sébastien Fiset

A graduate in law (1997) and finance (2001), Mtre Fiset is a partner and founder of the firm Fiset Légal inc. With more than 20 years of experience in real estate, Mtre Fiset is passionate and recognized for his specialized practice in co-ownership law and commercial litigation. He is the author of numerous texts, a speaker with various non-profit organizations, as well as a lecturer, on occasion, with the Barreau du Québec, the Chambre des huissiers and the Chambre des notaires. Mtre Fiset is also a lecturer at McGill University where he has been teaching since 2016 the course Foundations of real estate and co-ownership law in Quebec. In addition to his academic background, Mtre Fiset holds a certification from the Joint Sector-Based Construction Association on Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, a college diploma in real estate brokerage and is a member of the Order of Chartered Administrators.

Over the years, Mtre Fiset has diversified his skills and his practice, first as a co-ownership manager, then as a lawyer, mediator and arbitrator. As an accredited mediator in civil, commercial and labour matters (IMAQ and Barreau du Québec), Mtre Fiset has contributed for nearly ten (10) years to the out-of-court resolution of several disputes and, as an accredited arbitrator in Civil and Commercial Matters (IMAQ and Barreau du Québec), has settled numerous disputes through arbitration awards.

Mtre Fiset is now invested both personally and in support of the lawyers and notaries of his firm to offer a complete, professional, proportional and quality service to his clients, where his knowledge is used both with real estate developers, construction managers, contractors and sub-contractors, as well as condominium syndicates, undivided co-ownerships, administrators and co-owners.

Me Sébastien Fiset is responsible for information protection at Fiset Legal.

Fields of practice:

 Condominium Law
 Real estate law
 Construction Law
 Commercial leases
 Insurance Law
 Guarantee Plan
 Mediation and arbitration
 Training in Condominium Law

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