Real estate law notaries in Montreal

Real estate law notaries in Montreal

Faced with the complexity of the real estate field, using a notary in Montreal becomes essential. A legal expert, such as a notary, plays a vital role in managing and protecting the legal interests of their clients. Whether for real estate transactions, inheritances, contracts or other legal aspects.

Our experienced notaries offer you offers and informed advice corresponding to your needs, guaranteeing the validity and conformity of legal documents while ensuring peace of mind for our clients. At Fiset Legal, our team of experienced notaries supports you in all your real estate transactions and secures your property purchase. Our legal expertise allows us to offer quality servicesrespecting the rights and obligations of everyone.

By opting for our notary services in the field of real estate, you avoid unpleasant surprises linked to property titles and other legal documents. Our team of real estate notaries in Montreal offers relevant legal advice to guide you in estate planning, declaration of co-ownership, and many other areas. When it comes to complex legal matters relating to commercial law, the expertise of a notary is invaluable.

What is a real estate notary?

A notary is a legal professional who has completed specific training in notarial law, concludes with a bachelor's degree in law followed by a master's degree in law. This legal expertise gives him the ability to intervene in real estate transactions, the drafting of a protection mandate and other key areas of law.

At Fiset Légal, our team of notaries will offer you a quality service thanks to their training and diverse experience.

What are the advantages of requesting a notary?

In real estate law, a notary brings real added value. This last:

  • ensures the legality of your transaction;
  • guarantees the legal security of your legal documents;
  • assists with estate planning, prenups, drafting wills, title examinations and more.

Everything you need to know about the promise to purchase

The promise to purchase is a crucial legal document representing a fundamental step in the real estate acquisition process. This legal document, if well written and understood, prevents unpleasant surprises and protects the interests of both parties.

Beyond the legal aspect, our notaries in Montreal ensure that each clause is clear and precise. They check that all conditions are met, from the condition of the property to the mortgage financing terms, in order to guarantee a secure real estate transaction.


The importance of examining titles during a real estate transaction

Examining titles is an essential step. Our notaries carefully examine each title to detect any irregularities. In addition, they check mortgage financing in collaboration with your mortgage lender. The intervention of a notary is crucial in the procedure for purchasing real estate, because it ensures the verification of property titles. As a legal professional, the notary ensures the validity and clarity of the property title, carrying out in-depth research to detect possible restrictions or disputes that could compromise the transaction.


Sale, donation and transfer, what you need to know as a buyer

At Fiset Légal, our notaries support you during the purchase of your house, but also during a donation or transfer. In particular, they check the declaration of co-ownership, the undivided co-ownership document, the indivision agreement, and others. A notary competent in real estate law plays an essential role in the precise drafting and validation of the declaration of divided co-ownership, thus providing peace of mind to the parties involved in the real estate transaction.

Real estate notary services in Montreal

We offer a wide range of real estate law services, both for co-owners of buildings in divided co-ownership and real estate developers. In addition, we offer legal advice on business-related charges.


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