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Do you need the expertise of a lawyer to advise or represent your syndicate of co-ownership? The law firm Fiset Légal specializes in co-ownership law and more broadly in real estate law since 2009.

Our lawyers with a practice specializing in divided co-ownership are therefore able to offer you the assistance you need with syndicate files anywhere in Greater Montreal, the South Shore, the North Shore, Laval and the Laurentians.

To receive advice and obtain the support you need in the context of a dispute involving a syndicate of co-ownership, trust our lawyers specializing in condominium law.

Definition of a syndicate of co-ownership: role and responsibilities

A syndicate of co-ownership is a legal person constituted by the community of co-owners and governed by the Civil Code of Quebec and subject to the regime of divided co-ownership and in particular by articles 1038 to 1109 of the Civil Code of Quebec.

The responsibilities of the union are:

  • preservation of the building
  • maintenance and administration of common areas
  • the safeguard of the rights relating to the building or the co-ownership
  • operations of common interest.
  • ensure the execution of the work necessary for the conservation and maintenance of the building

Why hire a condominium lawyer?

For several years, Fiset Légal has been offering a wide variety of services related to condominium law. If you are looking for a condominium association lawyer, we can help you.

We will popularize the legal jargon for you so that you understand all the legal aspects related to your co-ownership. Our lawyers with a practice specializing in co-ownership are there for you and your syndicate of co-ownership in order to support you and give you the legal advice you need.


Services offered by Fiset Legal

We will answer all your questions and clarify all your doubts related to your syndicate, whether it is for the registration of a syndicate of co-ownership, to represent you in an appeal against your syndicate or for the management of your syndicate.

Our lawyers can also draft and interpret contractual documents such as:

We will offer you solutions adapted to your needs which are fair, proportional and of high quality.


Unpaid common fees (condo fees)

One of the roles of a condominium syndicate is to ensure that each member pays their share of common expenses. Our role as a lawyer for a syndicate of co-ownership is to intervene and play the role of mediator, prosecutor or arbitrator. Our objective is therefore to advise a syndicate or a co-owner when making a decision during an impasse.


Legal mortgage of the syndicate of divided co-ownership

Our role as a lawyer leads us both to encumber a fraction of co-ownership with a legal hypothec from the syndicate and to defend the syndicate in the event of a dispute by one of the co-owners. Our union lawyers are there to assert your rights and interests.


Works and repairs to the building

When renovations and work must be done to the building, our lawyers analyze and intervene to advise you.

If you discover a hidden defect, a design, floor or construction defect, our condominium syndicate lawyers will help you preserve and assert your rights.


Contact Fiset Légal for your syndicate of co-ownership

Our mission is to advise you strategically. We always aim for your best interests and the maximization of the results of the file. Our team of specialist lawyers is ready to meet any challenge, from the simplest to the most complex cases.

For all questions related to syndicates of co-ownership, contact our law firm specializing in real estate law. One of our condominium lawyers will take your call and clarify all your doubts.


The related services of Fiset Légal: your partner specialized in real estate law

Our lawyers have many years of experience in condominium law. We also work in many areas of law related to condominium corporations below.


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