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Are you looking for an arbitration and mediation lawyer? Our firm uses different techniques and alternative dispute resolution methods in the cases with which it is entrusted when this is in the client’s interests. 

Our lawyers specializing in mediation and arbitration are used to working in situations where the parties need to maintain their contractual relationship during and after the dispute. They put forth solutions that can lead to compromise instead of going to trial when this makes sense for the client. 

In this spirit, our lawyers specializing in mediation and arbitration are regularly called upon to conduct negotiations aimed at resolving a dispute for the benefit of the client. In addition, Me Sébastien Fiset, accredited by the Barreau du Québec and the Institute of Mediation and Arbitration of Quebec, is authorized to act as a mediator in civil and commercial matters.

What is mediation?

Mediation involves negotiating an agreement between the two parties in order to avoid going to court over a dispute. Co-ownership mediation can be done between: 

  • Two or more co-owners; 
  • A co-owner and the condo board; 
  • Two or more administrators; 
  • A co-owner and their condo syndicate; 
  • An administrator and their condo syndicate. 

During the mediation process, the role of the mediator is—first of all—to create communication channels between the two parties. They will then identify the common interests and needs. The mediator will then analyze the options presented with the parties to help them choose a solution that may be suitable for everyone. Finally, their role is to formalize the agreement, if necessary.


What is arbitration?

Unlike mediation, arbitration doesn’t seek to create a mutual agreement between the two parties. Rather, it aims to settle a dispute during a legal conflict. An arbitrator will be chosen by the two parties or—in the event of difficulty in choosing an arbitrator—appointed by the Court.  

The arbitrator may order the performance of obligations that are included in the declaration of co-ownership. The arbitrator’s decision is final and binding on the parties. 


Why call on our law firm specializing in mediation and arbitration?

Our lawyers offer their expertise in litigation and real estate, co-ownership, and construction law, as well as in related areas of law, and they will be able to assist you.

Our arbitration and mediation lawyers make sure to advise you strategically and in your best interests in order to optimize the results of your case. We offer our mediation services for both complex cases as well as simpler cases.


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