Condominium and Co-ownership Lawyers

Support, legal advice, and assistance to condo syndicates

Our law firm is at your disposal to handle all types of requests related to condominium law in Greater Montreal, the South Shore, the North Shore, Laval, and the Laurentides. We will draft and interpret contractual documents such as declarations of co-ownership (act constituting the co-ownership, by-laws of the immovable and the description of the fractions), and we will defend your rights and interests in the context of litigation.

Documents relating to real estate law and condominium law 

We analyze various technical and legal documents for you related to the construction and review of titles of houses, duplexes, triplexes, multiplexes, or apartment buildings, to leases (commercial or residential), or condominiums. These documents may include your declaration of co-ownership, plans and specifications, cadastral plans, expert reports, or your contingency fund study and your maintenance logbook.

We are at the disposal of your syndicate to answer your questions and support you. We prioritize solutions tailored to your needs on a fair, proportional, and quality basis.


Unpaid common charges (condo fees)

A syndicate must ensure that everyone pays their common expenses. We intervene as a mediator, attorney, or arbitrator in order to help you unblock and cut through deadlocks.


Works and repairs to the building

Your obligations during renovations, works and repairs to the building should be examined. Our lawyers intervene to analyze them and advise you.

In the event of faulty design, construction defects or ground defects are discovered, our lawyers will assist you in protecting and asserting your rights.


Condo fees: legal hypothec of the syndicate of divided co-ownership

We are called upon to charge the fractions of co-ownership with a legal hypothec as well as to defend a syndicate in a dispute with a co-owner. Our professionals know how to ensure that your rights are respected.

Support, legal advice, and assistance to co-owners

Our lawyers will support you, offer you solutions, and help you take actions and make legal decisions to ensure the full enjoyment of your rights regarding your condo.

They will act if, without right, your syndicate charge your fraction of co-ownership with a legal hypothec.


Building defects

Our lawyers practice construction law and have a high level of expertise in hidden defects. They will analyze and advise you on your situation in order to find the most adequate solution to your needs whether it is before the court or an arbitrator or according to the guarantee plan for new residential buildings..


Corrective works to be performed in your condo (private portion)

Renovation, repair, replacement, or rehabilitation works may be required inside your dwelling unit. The causes may be multiple: transformation and improvement of the premises, water damage, mould, or cracks.

Our lawyers will assist you in interpreting your declaration of co-ownership and advise you in relation to your neighbours or your syndicate.

Support, legal advice, and assistance to investors and developers


Disputes between developers and condo syndicates

The relationship between property developers and syndicates is sometimes complex. Our lawyers will respond and analyze solutions and avenues to your legal questions. Their intervention will aim to defuse a conflict, protect your rights, and commit you to a lasting and viable solution.


Undivided co-ownerships and co-ownerships by shares structure

Orienting yourself properly involves pragmatic, financial, and legal considerations in these types of building ownership. Our lawyers will guide you to take the right direction according to your situation and your needs.


Phased condominiums (initial and concomitant)

In this type of legal structure, several declarations of co-ownership (horizontal and verticals) need to be interpreted. Being well-supported is essential. Our lawyers will provide you with their expertise and support.


Legal advice and assistance to architects, engineers, materials suppliers, workers, contractors, or subcontractors

Stakeholders who have directed, supervised, or carried out work may put their liability in jeopardy in the event of the non-compliance of the projects according to the Construction Code and the standards, usage and good practice applicable at that time.

Our professionals will advise you with proportionality and efficiency for your defence and the protection of your rights.

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