Training and courses for the management of co-ownership syndicates

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At FISET LEGAL, we believe that the resolution of many conflicts in co-ownership law requires understanding the rights, duties and responsibilities of each.

Resolve your conflicts by understanding your rights

Why take condominium management training? At FISET LEGAL, we believe that by learning more about co-ownership rights allows the resolution of many conflicts. This in fact allows understanding of the rights, duties and responsibilities of each.

Our training texts in condominium law and property management.


Training for any co-ownership actor

To this end, we offer an introduction to condominium law with a course at a fixed and affordable rate. This training is intended for any player in the co-ownership and more particularly for managers, administrators and groups of co-owners who want to know more about the operation and management of a syndicate of co-ownership. They will thus be able to manage a condominium building.

This training in co-ownership law is intended to be interactive and aims to allow everyone to ask sometimes more specific questions on certain points that deserve to be deepened, such as the functioning of a board of directors.


Condominium management training rates


Our training in co-ownership syndicate management can in particular allow a syndicate or a manager to validate his mode of management and administration of the co-ownership. This also makes it possible to ensure that meetings of co-owners are held in accordance with the law. If you want to become a property manager, our training can help you.

Topics covered in the course and training on condominium syndicate management

Some of the topics that can be covered during the condominium management training:

  • Definition of fraction of co-ownership
  • Property management best practices
  • Understand the rights and duties of the co-owners and the syndicate of co-ownership
  • Public order and co-ownership
  • Establishing Relative Values ​​of Fractions
  • Determine what constitutes a common, restricted and private portion
  • Read and understand his declaration of co-ownership and his cadastral plan
  • Condominium Rental Best Practices
  • Animals in condominiums
  • Condominium works and repairs
  • Calculation of special majorities
  • How to modify the declaration of co-ownership
  • Unpaid condominium fees
  • Operation of the contingency fund
  • Register of the syndicate Defects and damage in co-ownership: who is responsible for what?
  • Condominium insurance
  • Holding of meetings
  • Management of conflicts between co-owners

Master certain articles of the Civil Code of Quebec

In addition to finding answers to these questions, our training allows you to know the rights and obligations of co-owners and to master certain articles of the Civil Code of Québec.

Our condominium training program is therefore ideal for condominium managers wishing to deepen their knowledge of condominium law.

Why call on Fiset Légal, a law firm specializing in real estate law?

Our lawyers offer their knowledge in co-ownership in litigation and in real estate, co-ownership and construction law, as well as related areas of law.

Our lawyers ensure to advise you strategically, in your best interest and in such a way as to optimize the results of the case in proportion to the costs and complexity of the case. We offer our services in both complex files and simpler files.

Our training allows you to understand the profession of manager and the administration of co-ownership and the operations management in buildings.

The advantages of participating in our specialized condominium training

The training for co-ownership managers offered by our professional lawyers covers a multitude of facets of the legal world of co-ownership. Through our interactive courses, you will discover the answers to the following questions:


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    Condominium Management Training Frequently Asked Questions

    Who Should Take Condominium Management Training?

    It is not necessary to have any certificate or attestation of studies to become a member of a syndicate of co-ownership. Anyone who owns a fraction of the co-ownership can be part of the syndicate. Feel free to browse the right to co-ownership platform to learn more about it.

    Understand the rights and responsibilities of co-owners.

    The trainings are also not compulsory, however, they are of undeniable usefulness to understand how a trustee works and the rights and responsibilities of co-owners.

    As a condominium manager, it is important to be well informed in order to make well-considered decisions regarding the condominium. This training is therefore advised for all people who have an administrative role within the co-ownership.

    How do I find a good real estate lawyer?

    If you are looking for professional training in technical condominium management, it is essential to choose the right firm. We strongly recommend choosing a firm whose sector of activity focuses mainly on real estate and co-ownership law, such as the firm Fiset Légal.

    Complete condominium management training.

    The role of our lawyers is to offer you training in co-ownership management that covers all legal areas such as:

    • Condominium insurance
    • The administration of a syndicate of co-ownership
    • Management of provident funds
    • And more

    Trust our lawyers specializing in condominium law to offer you complete and professional training.

    How do I get advice on real estate law?

    In addition to offering training in condominium management, our lawyers are ready to advise you strategically to put your best interests first. If you have any questions about how a syndicate of co-ownership works, we are happy to help you.

    Contact our condominium lawyers.

    We offer a first consultation service of 40 minutes with our experienced lawyers in several legal fields, such as real estate law and condominium law. Our lawyers have cutting-edge expertise in these areas and can easily answer all your questions.

    Do not hesitate to contact us to get additional information about our courses and training in co-ownership syndicate management.

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