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Fiset Légal offers all the support required by real estate developers, large or small, with support at each stage or piecemeal, leading to the birth of a co-ownership, in particular in order to:

  • Proceed with the conversion of a building into divided co-ownership;
  • Create a divided co-ownership on plan;
  • Choose the legal form of divided co-ownership, tailor-made and according to your needs;
  • Proceed with the conversion of a co-ownership into joint ownership;
  • Design and plan financing adapted to your needs and your sales of fractional co-ownership of your buildings (residential, commercial and office) or parceled land;
  • Develop with land surveyors the design of a custom condominium adapted to your needs;
  • Draft and publish the declaration of co-ownership;
  • Register the syndicate of co-ownership;
  • Draft and publish the joint ownership agreement;
  • Draft and prepare preliminary contracts and information notes;
  • Prepare and draft memoranda of distributions and disbursements (adjustment sheets);
  • Sell ​​the units once the project has been designed;
  • Receive and publish deeds in the Quebec Land Registry;
  • Constitute the registers of the co-ownership;
  • Advise and assist the provisional administrator in decision-making;
  • Draft your contracts of:
    • Constructions ;
    • General contractors;
    • Stationery ;
    • Products;
    • Services ;
  • Advise the real estate developer in the management of his contracts and the prevention of disputes during the works (dispute management by interlocutory arbitration, without the intervention of lawyers);
  • Act in your interests in disputes between a promoter, a general contractor, a sub-contractor, a tradesperson, an engineer, a manager, a co-owner or a buyer.
  • Write resolutions and minutes:
    • Interrelated companies of the project;
    • For the management of the provisional administrator;
    • The syndicate of co-ownership (board of directors and assembly of co-owners).
  • Write specific legal opinions;
  • Study and advise on the financial statements specific to the areas of divided co-ownership law with its specificities and particularities;
  • Prepare an initial budget for year one, then the provisional budget for the transition and the rest of the life of a syndicate of co-ownership;
  • Coordonner, convoquer et tenir l’assemblée de transition requise par l’article 1104 du Civil Code of Quebec ;
  • Assist (support and advice) and/or chair the transition assembly.

Adapted to your needs, our notaries and our lawyers will provide you with a meticulous and tailor-made service, to assist you in each of the steps leading to the creation of a divided or undivided co-ownership.


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