Lawyer for Architects in Quebec: Litigation, Contract, and Mediation

Do you need the services of a lawyer for architects in Quebec? Contact Fiset Legal now. We have the necessary experience and in-depth knowledge in the construction field.

Our specialized lawyers are able to help you with:

  • Construction law litigation
  • Legal opinion on the liability of the various construction stakeholders in the event of a dispute
  • The drafting of an architect's service contract for work on existing buildings, individual houses or partial assignments
  • Mediation or arbitration with the different parties of a construction project

Discover all the advantages of consulting a lawyer specializing in construction files thanks to the legal experts at Fiset Légal.

Definition of an architect in Quebec: role and responsibilities

The architect is the construction professional responsible for designing the construction project plans and documents. The architect also collaborates on the choice of materials and colors.

The architects also supervise and direct the work with the engineer and the contractor. However, he still has responsibilities and legal obligations towards its client. 

A lawyer for an architect in Quebec is able to inform you about the laws, exceptions and the legal hypothec for architects.


The role of the architect in Quebec

  • Respond to calls for tenders from specialized work providers and public and private general contractors.
  • Design construction plans in accordance with the Building Code.
  • Write documents including all construction information such as the location of buildings, composition, organization and expression of their volume.
  • Supervise and provide direction for the duration of the project.

The responsibilities of the architect in a construction project

  • The architect is responsible for the work that they have, as the case may be, directed or supervised and is liable for the loss of the work for a period of 5 years after the end of the work when the loss results from a defect in the design, construction or execution of the work, or, again, from a defect in the ground. He can only release himself from this responsibility by proving that the defects of the work or of the part he has carried out do not result from an error or a defect in the expert reports or the plans he has been able to supply, nor of a failure in the direction or in the supervision of the works.
  • With regard to poor workmanship existing at the reception or in the following year, the architect is also responsible unless he can prove that these poor workmanship is not the result of his work, his supervision or his direction.

Why hire a lawyer for architects in Quebec?

Our lawyers are specialized in construction law for more than a dozen years. If you need a lawyer for mediation and arbitration, to protect your copyright or to help you in the event of a dispute, we are the firm to contact.


Contracts that require the expertise of a lawyer for architects in Quebec

Drafting service contracts and signing contract amendments are important steps for architects. It is crucial to ensure that your contract is clear, precise and hermetic. Any ambiguity in the formulations is a disadvantage in the event of a dispute.

In order to draft contracts that will adequately protect you, entrust the drafting to an experienced real estate lawyer . Our lawyers are familiar with the laws, standards and exclusions of the construction industry. We can therefore offer you professional support for the drafting of your contracts.


Quickly resolve complex disputes with the help of a lawyer for architects in Quebec

As with general contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers, there is a presumption of liability for architects in a situation of loss of the work within five years of the end of the work .

Complex disputes sometimes lead architects to have to defend themselves in court. All our commercial litigation lawyers are members of the Quebec Bar. They are therefore able to provide you with first-class representation.


The legal construction hypothec for architects

The architects registered with their order respective benefit from the protection of the legal construction hypothec. The legal hypothec serves as a guarantee of payment for the services rendered.

To assert your hypothecary right, our lawyers will be able to advise you and proceed with the publication with the Office of the publication of mortgage rights within the time limits provided for by law in order to preserve your rights. Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer for architects in Quebec to help you with the drafting and publication of a mortgage.


Architects in Quebec: contact Fiset legal for your contracts and disputes

Our goal is to offer architects a support service that covers all their spheres of activity. From drafting the contract to signing the endorsement, including copyright and mediation, we are here to assert your rights.

For any questions regarding our services, contact our office now. We will arrange a meeting between a lawyer and you at the most convenient time. Fiset Légal is proud tooffer first-class representation to Quebec architects.


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