Lawyer for construction materials manufacturer: litigation, mediation and contract

Do you need a construction materials manufacturer lawyer? Trust Fiset Légal to assert your rights as a manufacturer.

With more than 12 years of experience in the field of construction law, our specialized lawyers are able to help you with your:

  • Drafting of construction, sales or business contracts.
  • Mediations or arbitrations.
  • Material design disputes.

Learn more about the legal obligations, rights and responsibilities of the manufacturer of building materials.

Definition of Building Materials Manufacturer: Role and Responsibilities

The manufacturer is the company or industry that manufactures construction materials for a construction site. It exists a wide range of construction goods such as :

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Plastic materials (mainly for insulation and sealing)
  • Materials from the transformation of quarry products such as clay, stone, limestone, gypsum, sand and other raw materials. These construction materials are used in the manufacture of bricks, tiles, floor tiles and sanitary elements.

Under the Civil Code of Quebec, the manufacturer has a well-defined role and many responsibilities towards its customers. Our lawyers for manufacturers of building materials are happy to inform you about your legal rights and obligations.


The role of the building materials manufacturer

  • Respond to calls for tenders from general and specialized contractors.
  • Sell goods free of design defects to the supplier of materials and to the private and public client.
  • Write a clear and precise sales contract that informs the various parties concerned on the legal guarantees, bonds, reasonable delivery times and payment agreement.

The responsibilities of manufacturers of building materials

  • The manufacturer of building materials is obliged to offer the following legal guarantees: the guarantee of use where the material is used for the use for which it is intended, the guarantee of reasonable duration where the material has a reasonable lifespan for a normal use and finally, a warranty against hidden defects.
  • The trader must also give the buyer the necessary indications for the user to avoid a risk or danger for an ongoing project.
  • Repair, reimburse or replace any defective material when he receives a notice of denunciation from his client before or after the end of the work.

Why consult a lawyer for a manufacturer of building materials?

Here are some of the benefits of working with a construction lawyer.


Contracts that require the expertise of a lawyer for the manufacturer of building materials: the contract of suretyship

In order to prevent a dispute, it is imperative that your contract of sale or guarantee be written in a clear and precise manner. Any ambiguity or absence of provisions limiting your liability in the wordings may turn against you in a dispute.

Your best defense is your sales contract. The lawyers at Fiset Légal are able to help you draft solid contracts that will protect you against possible lawsuits.


Professional support from a specialized lawyer in the event of complex disputes

A commercial litigation lawyer knows well the laws and exclusions of the field of construction. In the event of complex disputes, collaborating with a specialized lawyer is the ideal solution to assert your rights and to represent you.


Mediation to resolve conflicts

You might also need a mediation and arbitration lawyer to negotiate with the various third parties of a construction project. Your lawyer for building materials manufacturers can therefore offer you legal advice to resolve disputes quickly.


Manufacturer of construction materials: contact Fiset Légal for your disputes and contracts

To consult a real estate lawyer or a lawyer for a building materials manufacturer, trust Fiset Légal. Our firm specializes in all spheres of construction. Our lawyers are therefore able to effectively answer all your questions about the rights and responsibilities of manufacturers.

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