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Are you looking for a firm offering legal services for construction materials suppliers? Our firm offers a full range of construction law services. So we can help you with the mediation, litigation and contract drafting for subcontractors or suppliers.

For over 12 years, we offer professional support to various parts of the construction industry, including building materials distributors.

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Definition of a Building Materials Supplier: Role and Responsibilities

The materials supplier is usually a general or specialty contractor, the sub-contractor or the customer behind the construction project. However, sometimes the distributor is a third party that is not involved in the project beyond the supply of materials.

Regardless of its position in the project, the materials distributor has certain obligations towards the various stakeholders on the site where he supplies the materials.

Our building materials supplier lawyers have in-depth knowledge of building materials distribution. Here is a summary of legal obligations and responsibilities of the distributor of materials under the Civil Code of Quebec.


The role of the material distributor

  • Provide goods that meet quality standards.
  • The distributor is bound by the same guarantees as the sellers as to the quality of the materials.

The responsibilities of suppliers

  • Depending on the mandate obtained, it can be responsible for defects that cause the loss of work due to a choice of defective materials.
  • The distributor is also responsible for construction defects when they are due to the use of defective materials.

Why consult a construction materials supplier lawyer?

There are many reasons why you need a building materials supplier lawyer. Here are a few.


Drafting of a contract in good and due form by a specialized lawyer

Drafting a supply contract or a commercial construction contract is much easier with the support of a construction lawyer. Our lawyers are familiar with the laws governing construction sites and the distribution of materials. We are therefore able to offer you legal advice and prepare solid contracts to protect your rights as a distributor.


Professional representation in complex disputes

If you are involved in litigation, having an attorney who specializes in materials supplier rights is a definite advantage. A commercial litigation lawyer will be able to assert your rights and provide you with first-rate defense in case of dispute.

The drafting of a notice of termination of contract or sureties must also be taken seriously. Do not hesitate to seek help to ensure the compliance of the notice.


The legal hypothec for suppliers of building materials

In some situations, the customer retains amounts from the contract price at the end of the work. These amounts are used to pay the debts of the parties having a legal hypothec on the work and who provide a legal hypothec notice to the client's address. Suppliers of building materials have therefore sometimes recourse to a lawyer to assert their legal construction hypothec rights.


Suppliers of construction materials: contact Fiset Légal for your disputes and contracts

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  • A mediator or arbitrator for negotiations with a specialized contractor
  • From a specialist in commercial litigation

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