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Lawyer for neighborhood disputes

Certain situations between neighbors require the intervention of a lawyer specializing in neighborhood disputes. Fiset Legal offers the services of its professional lawyers since 2009. Neighborhood disturbances can seriously affect your daily well-being. If a problematic neighborhood situation forces you to seek help, trust our firm. Learn all about our service and how our lawyers will help you resolve your dispute quickly and efficiently.


What are the different types of neighborhood disputes?

There are many types of conflicts requiring the intervention of a specialized lawyer. Among the problematic situations found, we denote the:

Several other situations not mentioned may also lead you to seek the help of a lawyer specializing in neighborhood disputes. 

When to contact a lawyer specializing in neighborhood disputes?

If a polite discussion with your neighbor is not possible, do not hesitate to contact our firm. Our arbitration and mediation service professional is at your disposal to help you solve your neighborhood problem.


What to do in the event of a neighborhood disturbance?

When you try to resolve a problematic neighborhood situation and fail, it quickly becomes very frustrating. Having the help of a lawyer specializing in neighborhood disputes is an undeniable advantage in finding a solution to a recalcitrant neighbor.

Our lawyers will allow you to assert your rights and protect your property in the event of a neighborhood dispute. Thanks to their experience, our lawyers will be able to offer you several avenues and solutions to permanently resolve the conflict between you and your neighbors. Our goal is to help you regain your peace of mind as soon as possible.


Enforce condominium rules

Compliance with the declaration of co-ownership and its regulations is essential to living together within a co-ownership. It is important to address a situation where your neighbor is flouting the rules. Reaching a clear and precise agreement can be difficult when you have a difficult neighbor. We are here to assist and advise you, whether the situation goes to settlement or in the context of the judicialization of a case. 


Why consult a lawyer specializing in neighborhood disputes in the case of a dispute between neighbours?

Residential owners or owners of units in condominiums sometimes have a limited and erroneous view of the scope of their rights. However, this erroneous view generates conflict. Our lawyers will be able to assess the basis of each party's position and provide you with the best advice in order to resolve the conflicts. 


Avoid neighborhood disturbances in the long term by reaching a clear agreement

One of the main advantages of consulting a lawyer is reaching a clear and precise agreement that satisfies both parties, while respecting neighborhood regulations and laws. With this clarity, the risk of long, costly and acrimonious neighborhood disturbances is considerably reduced.

How can our neighborhood dispute lawyers help you?

Whether in the context of negotiation or a legal case, our lawyers will know how to put an end to a trying situation. Our lawyers specializing in neighborhood disputes are able to assert your rights and, in the event of a settlement, negotiate a clear and precise written agreement in order to put an end to the dispute and prevent future problems. Our lawyers can also offer you their expertise for a dispute involving a syndicate of co-ownership.


Contact the law firm Fiset Légal to put an end to a neighborhood dispute

The main objective of our lawyers is to assert your rights and to offer you the support you need with your legal proceedings. From mediation to the signing of an agreement, we put your best interests at the heart of our priorities to obtain an optimal result with your file.

Trust our experienced real estate lawyers to put an end to your neighborhood problems and find the best solution. We will support you in legal action.


Many legal services related to real estate

Our team is a master in the legal field of real estate: right of way, noise pollution, encroachment and conflicting neighborhood relations.

For all questions concerning our neighborhood dispute service, contact our law firm without hesitation. 


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