Register of the Syndicate of co-owners

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Under article 1070 of the Civil Code of Quebec

The Syndicate makes available to the co-owners a register containing the name and address of each co-owner and each tenant, the minutes of the meetings of the co-owners and of the board of directors, as well as the financial statements. He also makes available to them the declaration of co-ownership, copies of the contracts to which he is a party, a copy of the cadastral plan, the plans and specifications of the built building, if applicable, and all other documents relating to the building and to the union.  

In fact, the register of co-ownership syndicates rarely contains all the required documents. The absence of certain required documents can hinder or even increase the cost of work required in the building, as well as cause tension with the co-owners wishing to carry out the required verifications regarding the management of the building. We thus offer a service of constitution of the register of co-ownership and we provide the necessary information aimed at allowing a board of directors to continue to constitute the register in a manner compliant with the law and with their declaration of co-ownership.


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