Mrs. Daina Joseph

Mrs. Daina Joseph joined the firm Fiset Légal as a paralegal in 2012.

Mrs. Joseph collaborates in a dynamic way, in collaboration with the firm’s lawyers, with the legal management of clients files (titles research, doctrinal and jurisprudential, parts, summaries of the stenographic notes, projects of procedures and correspondence, transaction and acts in addition to being involved in the drafting, service and production of arbitration and common law courts proceedings (Superior Court, Court of Québec and Rental Board).

Mrs. Joseph also drafts, in co-operation with the firm’s lawyers, resolutions of declarations of co-ownership amendments for the co-ownership syndicates, as well as acts of amendments to indivision agreements of undivided co-ownerships.

In addition to her professional contribution as a paralegal, Mrs. Joseph also provides training for the administrative and support staff, in addition to her general office administration duties.

Ms. Daina Joseph is responsible for information protection at Fiset Legal.

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