Lawyer for civil engineers in Quebec: litigation, mediation and contract

If you are looking for a civil engineer lawyer, contact Fiset Légal today. We have the know-how and a keen knowledge of the field of construction in Quebec. Our lawyers also deal with construction rights cases for more than a dozen years.

Besides offering you professional support for all your legal procedures, our specialized lawyers can help you with:

Our specialized lawyers are able to help you with:

  • Drafting civil engineering contracts for construction projects
  • Your complex disputes
  • Mediation and arbitration between the different third parties of the project

Learn more about the role and responsibilities of the engineer on construction sites and how the lawyers at Fiset Légal can help you.

Definition of a civil engineer in Quebec: role and responsibilities

The civil engineer by definition is the professional who takes care of everything related, directly or indirectly, to the engineering of the structures of a construction project. He therefore cooperates with all parties involved in the project.

The engineers supervise, direct and advise throughout the duration of the construction works. He therefore has many responsibilities and his importance on the site is undeniable. However, his role gives him many legal obligations towards the general and specialized contractors who give him work.


The role of the civil engineer in Quebec

To be recognized as a civil engineer in Quebec, engineers must be members of the Order of Engineers of Quebec.

A lawyer for civil engineers is therefore the ideal person to provide you with all the information relating to the engineering profession, laws, obligations and exclusions of liability.

  • Respond to calls for tenders from public and private general contractors.
  • Design, plan, operate and supervise the construction site in general.
  • Consider the environmental, social and economic dimensions in its management of the construction project.

The responsibilities of the architect in a construction project

  • Collaborate directly with the architect for the design of the plans.
  • Manage the major works of the construction project with the contractor and subcontractors.
  • Establish and enforce safety rules according to the standards in force.
  • Choose the right construction techniques according to the work to be done.
  • Validate all calculations for the implementation of the site before the launch of the project.
  • The civil engineer is presumed responsible for the loss of the work for 5 years after completion of work if it is an error or a lack of supervision or expertise. He can only release himself from this responsibility by proving that the defect does not result from an error or a failure in his supervision.
  • The civil engineer is responsible for existing defects upon receipt or discovered in the year after the end of the work. He will also not be able to get out of it without proving that these defects are not the direct result of a failure in its supervision, its direction or the expertise it has provided.

Why consult a civil engineer lawyer in Quebec?

lawyer specializing in construction law has extensive knowledge of the construction industry. He is therefore able to offer a first-rate service to a civil engineer in Quebec.

Our lawyers are proud to support and assert the rights of civil engineers.


A drafting of a hermetic engineering contract thanks to a lawyer for a civil engineer

Any contract drafting is an important step for civil engineers. Considering their role and the many legal obligations to which they are subject, the writing must be clear and precise. Any ambiguity in the formulations risks playing against the civil engineer. It is therefore advantageous to entrust the drafting to a real estate lawyer or construction law.

Our firm has been working in the construction industry for more than a dozen years. We are therefore able to offer you quality support for the drafting of your contracts.


Fast resolution of complex disputes thanks to a lawyer for civil engineers

In the event of a dispute in the field of construction, the civil engineer is sometimes involved and called upon to defend himself in court. Our commercial litigation lawyers of our firm are members of the Quebec Bar and are familiar with the laws, exclusions and standards in the field of construction. We are therefore able to offer you first-class representation up to the Superior Court, if necessary.


Architects in Quebec: contact Fiset legal for your contracts and disputes

You need a mediation and arbitration lawyer to resolve conflicts quickly? Don't worry, our lawyers are there for you. We are available to civil engineers in Quebec for contract drafting, dispute resolution and mediation when necessary.

If you have questions about our services offered or need help asserting your rights, we are ready to help. Contact our firm specializing in construction rights in Quebec today to make an appointment with one of our lawyers.


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